Contribute weekly to your FRA! (Fitness Retirement Account)

You'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams! Email Coach Dan to get your FRA account started!

"Within six months of our coach-client relationship I was down to 159 pounds...and my cholesterol went down too!" - Craig Fossati

Think about your body as your Fitness Bank and the only form of currency it will accept is reps, sets, pounds pushed or pulled, sweat droplets shed, distances covered on foot or bike and plenty of hard but good work. Email Coach Dan for fitness lessons.

How much time have you spent earning money and planning how best to utilize it for your financial Portfolio? lots

Do you forget to pay your financial bank the mortgage and other financial responsibilities because of no time? no

In order to be financially successful you make time to learn how to properly earn, spend and invest your money. yes

Having succeeded financially you become better and better at investing and gaining financial wealth.

How often do you examine your Fitfolio and make planned fit-investments into your body and fitness account? seldom

How do suppose your Fitness Bank reacts when weeks, month and years pass without a single fitness deposit? bad

Consistent strength, cardio and stretching activity authorizes your Fitness Bank to accept deposits and get fit!

Changing eating and food purchasing behavior to support your health for quality of day to day life. yes

Continually maintain a progressive account balance by sticking with your Fitness Accountant, Coach Dan! yes

The way to invest in your Fitness Bank...constant

muscles stretching and flexing

weights pushed and pulled 

stairs or hills climbed up or down

distances walked run hiked biked or swum

whole foods - portion control - balanced eating

All other forms of currency are not accepted into the Fitness Bank: fad diets, quick fixes, painkillers, elixirs, and non-activity.

NSF's collect - Non - Sufficient Fitness.

NSF's and overdrafts in your Fitness Account allowing your body to retaliate against itself. Retaliation in the form of sore joints, achy back, weight gain, injury, emotional eating and a compromised immune system weakened by stress!

With an accumulation of enough NSF's the Fitness Bank soon begins to borrow against its outstanding debts, and the bank close its doors...

  dire consequences...

1. Adult Onset Diabetes

2. High Blood Pressure

3. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) atherosclerosis a narrowing of the artery, due to fat deposits. (accumulation of fats deposits, decreasing blood flow to critical areas, lungs, heart, and brain) arteriosclerosis a thickening of the artery walls, calcium deposits and loss of elasticity decreasing blood flow to key areas, especially to the heart.

Often the first outward sign of heart disease for many is death

4. Stroke Disease in small vessels in the brain causing severe damage to brain and nervous system function (thinking, causing mental disability), physical (movement, paralysis ) involuntary body functions cease, (heart beat, organ function), causing, death.  

5. Obesity as a result of inactivity: energy in (food) / energy out (exercise) and the imbalance of the two, energy in & energy out. Tremendous weight gain strains the system to its outer limits causing massive breakdown in all systems, joints, muscles, connective tissue, (tendons & ligaments) and their function is greatly compromised, premature joint pain and acute bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis ensue, causing even more inactivity!

6. Opportunistic diseases and sickness take hold: frequent colds, flu, virus and low energy, low self esteem, lowered job performance, and many more negative attributes to being de-conditioned. Smoking also plays a huge role in assisting all of the risk factors to cut short your life, by many years.

7. Make the investment into your body weekly and get going now as the present is a gift, if you will only use of the gift you are given.